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High-grade gold found near Kensington Mine

The Kensington Mine, located northwest of Juneau, recently announced the discovery of high-grade gold. It was found in a historic mining vein called Jualin near the active site. “There’s an adage in the mining industry, you know the best place to look for a mine is near a mine,” says

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Gold Price: Year 2000 All Over Again – How Will You Play It This Time?

Recently business and financial guru Mark Cuban wrote an article about why this tech bubble is going to be worse than the tech bubble of 2000. This made me take another look at the long term charts again, but instead of looking up the NASDAQ or the tech sector I

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Canadian wins right to sue Silvercorp over ‘false imprisonment’ in China

A Canadian man who spent years behind bars in China has won the right to sue Vancouver-based Silvercorp Metals (TSE, NYSE:SVM) for allegedly conspiring with Chinese authorities to have him arrested and detained. The B.C. Supreme Court, Canadian Press reports, rejected a bid by the miner to have Kun Huang’s allegations

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